Tripbtoz to open Singapore office within this year, based on overseas growth

Mar 8, 2023 | Media Coverage

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Tripbtoz, a next-generation travel platform based in South Korea, announced today that its overseas PoC projects in Singapore and Indonesia have resulted in a surge in sales and a significant increase in global app rankings ahead of its full-scale global launch.

For six months since August last year, Tripbtoz has been in talks with Singtel, the largest mobile operator in Singapore, NIUM, a global fintech infrastructure platform in Singapore, and Grab to enter the global market. 

During this period, Tripbtoz also held a meeting with the Abu Dhabi Investment Promotion Authority (ADIO) to collaborate on the digitalization of tourism in the Middle East, and in January, Tripbitoz accompanied President Yoon Seok-yeol on his presidential tour to the UAE.

“As a result of our global marketing efforts along with various demonstration projects, the number of transactions in January this year was about twice as high as the same period last year, and our revenue more than tripled,” said Jeong Ji-ha, CEO of Tripbtoz. He also said that the company has achieved a quantum leap in the ranking of travel-related apps in the Google Play Store from 80th to 10th, and in the Apple App Store from 75th to 18th.

Ji Hyun-cheol, CEO of cross-border accelerator BigBang Angels, which operates the ‘Overseas PoC Program’ of KISED(Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development), said, “The program aims to help domestic startups go global by integrating them into the infrastructure and business of global conglomerates.” He evaluated that Tripbitos’ overseas demonstration project laid the foundation for its global expansion.

Based on this achievement, Tripbtoz plans to establish an overseas subsidiary within this year and begin full-scale overseas expansion.

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