Who We Invest In

Visionary founders passionate about transforming Hospitality & Travel

Founding teams, not individuals, with great passion and commitment

Opportunities where we can add genuine value through our expertise and networks in the sector

Companies with significant potential to grow across the region

Brands whose values and working styles are aligned with our collaborative, hands-on approach

Sector Vertical: Hospitality

Hostels, Hotels, Shared Economy, Home Stays, Student Hostels

Market Size: US$43bn


Market Size: US$260bn

Fine Dining, Quick Service Restaurants, Franchising, Meat-Free Protein, Cheap Eats, Food Delivery

Food & Beverage

Market Size: US$56bn

Attractions, Services (Tours/Healthcare)


Sector Vertical: Travel

Market Size: US$90bn

Trip Planning, Payment & Lending, Logistics & Delivery, Destination Marketing, Customer Service

Travel Services

Market Size: US$46bn

Air Travel, Ground Transport & Rentals, Cruises, Infrastructure, Ride Sharing, B-Leisure


Our Track Record | Food & Beverage

Established by co-founders Hans Paul and Peter Liu in 2012, Aigens innovative technology enables self-ordering solutions using smart phone, tablet and in-store kiosk. 

In a bid to solve the Global Food Waste problem, founder Rayner Loi came up with a solution to reduce food waste for hotels & airlines across the F&B supply chain by using data analytics to reduce operating costs & environmental footprint.

Our Track Record | Accommodation

Founded by OTAs veterans Dan Lynn and Vikram Malhi, Zuzu Hospitality is a SaaS platform for independent hotels to digitize their operations, manage their demand and revenue management. 

Founded by entrepreneurs Matthew Howden and Steven Hopkinson, IDEM Hospitality is a Cloud-based solutions to automate and reduce the complexity of group reservations.

If you are the founder of a Hospitality & Travel startup in Southeast Asia, get in touch with us.

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