Corporate Partners

A unique partnership with key industry players

The Corporate Partners Program aims to create value to the Travel & Hospitality industry by partnering strategic key players in the industry to pilot innovation, support and drive the recovery through COVID-19.

Benefits of Corporate Partner Program

Pilot, Reduce R&D Costs and solve pain points

Access to innovation that enables corporate partners to be “first to market” to test products from portfolio companies and solve pain points.

Co-investment and acquisition Opportunities

Preview access to our proprietary deal flow & due diligence and co-invest alongside the fund. Gain inside knowledge on acquisition opportunities.

Access to Innovation Insights

Stay abreast with a quarterly report on innovation insight and deal flow.

Stay Current with Innovation Needs

Keep updated on innovation needs with quarterly meetings.

Cultural Change

Imbed corporate entrepreneurial culture through engagement

Our Corporate Partners

If you are the founder of a Travel & Hospitality startup in Southeast Asia, get in touch with us.

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