Tablevibe Aligning Restaurant Dynamics

Apr 10, 2024 | Media Coverage

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Tablevibe, a Singapore startup, revolutionizes restaurants by enabling direct customer relationships. Its commission-free system reduces costs by 72% while empowering eateries to own their data and enhance customer experience.

  • Tablevibe offers commission-free online ordering for restaurants, helping them build direct customer connections.
  • Restaurants cut costs up to 72% and gather valuable feedback through QR codes.
  • Backed by $1.6M funding, it integrates with delivery platforms and enables orders from social media as well.


In the realm of dining establishments, forging direct connections with customers is paramount. Tablevibe, a dynamic startup hailing from Singapore, is spearheading a transformation in the restaurant industry through its innovative direct-to-consumer approach.

Formed by ex-Google employees who deeply grasp the significance of customer relationships, there’s a lot. Most importantly, it offers a commission-free online ordering system, empowering restaurants to not only retain but also expand their customer base. Tablevibe is reshaping the dining experience for both restaurants and customers alike.

Direct-to-Consumer Revolution

Tablevibe’s inception stems from its team’s tenure at Google, where they imbibed the essence of understanding customers and engaging with them directly. Despite a notable 70% of consumers expressing a preference for ordering directly from restaurants, many eateries struggle due to a lack of effective tools.

Third-party apps often control crucial customer data and impose substantial fees. Tablevibe is on a mission to alter this landscape by equipping restaurants with the means to reclaim control of their customer relationships.

Empowering Restaurants

Tablevibe’s offerings is a commission-free online ordering system, enabling restaurants to accept pickup and delivery orders via their own webshop. This system not only slashes costs by up to 72% but also provides access to invaluable customer insights.

Furthermore, Tablevibe’s QR code-based feedback surveys, which would ultimately help gain deeper insights into their customers’ experiences, fostering improved service and heightened loyalty. Positive feedback is seamlessly shared on Google, bolstering the restaurant’s online reputation.

Founding story and Funding:

Tablevibe was formed by Jeroen RuttenMathieu Sneep, and Guido Caldara, individuals with a wealth of experience from tech and hospitality realms. With a seasoned team at its helm, Tablevibe has quickly gained traction in the restaurant industry.

The startup has secured $1.6M in funding from prominent investors like Y Combinator, Global Founders Capital, and Velocity Ventures.

Unique Features and Benefits

Tablevibe’s integration with popular delivery platforms such as Uber, Doordash, and Foodpanda sets it apart. This integration enables restaurants to enjoy significant savings on delivery costs while concurrently building their customer database.

Additionally, it facilitates the conversion of social media pages into storefronts, enabling orders directly from Instagram, Facebook, and Google profiles.


In conclusion, Tablevibe’s pioneering approach is revolutionizing the restaurant industry by empowering restaurants to take charge of their customer relationships.

Through its commission-free online ordering system, customer feedback surveys, and seamless integration with delivery platforms, it is definitely aiding restaurants. As the restaurant landscape evolves , it stands as a steadfast ally, supporting restaurants on their path to prosperity.