Southeast Asia on a silver platter

May 21, 2024 | Media Coverage

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“Digital Ant has helped our new project get off to a great start with their campaigns.”

Sebastian Renzacci, Co-founder of Trip Guru

Trip Guru, based in Hong Kong, is a platform that connects travelers with a countless number of adventures in Southeast Asia. As a pilot project, we focused on the popular tourist destination: Bali.

We performed full service marketing for Trip Guru — from campaign execution to UX consultation. Specifically, we were able to perform a complete test-of-concept, including campaigns on Google, Facebook, and YouTube. We also designed a system for emailing and database segmentation. Ultimately, we were able to fine-tune the user experience to remove any obstacles from navigating the site and making purchases.


One interesting thing about this project was that it involved teams from all over the world. The business HQ is in Hong Kong, marketing came from Prague and Milan, and the development was done in Manila. You don’t get much more “remote” than that!