Nov 15, 2022 | Media Coverage

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Zytlyn allows companies to control the future with predictive insights, to improve decision making, while redefining commercial planning and operations across the travel industries.

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Strategic goals for 2023
In 2023, we will continue refining our predictive solutions, continuing to build on the strong scalable foundations that we have developed, enriching our product with more features to further move the needle for our customers and delight them.

We aim to create more awareness about the benefits of our predictive solutions by engaging and onboarding the world’s leading airlines, travel agencies, airports, destinations, hotels, car rentals, retailers and luxury brands.

We care a lot about our team and culture, so we will be further nurturing and expanding the team, to accelerate and scale, while we establish Zytlyn as the world’s leader of predictive solutions for the travel industries.

Lessons learned since founding
As an early stage company, it can be tempting to cut corners. Early on, we decided to build strong and scalable foundations, while embracing agility as we maneuvered through our product market fit journey and carefully adjusted and fine-tuned our product. 

We also learned to build strong relationships with our customers, aligning our goals with them, to fully understand their needs and feeding that into our product development.