CarbonClick Acquires German Shopify App Wonderflower

Jul 13, 2021 | Media Coverage

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Auckland, New Zealand, 13 July 2021: CarbonClick acquires German based sustainability app “Wonderflower”. Like CarbonClick, Wonderflower built a popular Shopify plug-in app that allowed consumers to offset their purchase, with planet restoring carbon offsetting projects. As of today, Wonderflower is now part of the CarbonClick brand, and carbon offsets will still go to global high quality offsetting projects through CarbonClick.

While Wonderflower focused on the German market, they looked at ways to scale their efforts and came across CarbonClick, a New Zealand brand that shared the same ethos and mission as themselves, but with a more advanced global uptake and better scale of economy. Wonderflower merged their offering with CarbonClick in order to provide the same scale benefits as clients of CarbonClick were now seeing.

“The Wonderflower team is very happy to join one of the leading carbon offsetting plugins for Shopify merchants. Not only do our merchants benefit from that, but also the consumers who will now have detailed insights on where their money goes. Joining CarbonClick will mean a better outcome for us, our customers and most of all, the planet!” says CEO Christian Pappenberger.

Wonderflower was founded by Christian Pappenberger while studying in Greifswald, and he grew a successful following of climate conscious consumers by helping to reduce the impact of e-Commerce. Christian says he admires the CarbonClick product and team, and realised that with Wonderflower, he was trying to reinvent the wheel.

CarbonClick CEO, Dave Rouse, says “it’s wonderful that the industry works so well together whereby an acquisition like this (CarbonClick and Wonderflower) is about what is best for the customer and how we can all come together to drive change and get the best outcome for the climate and our industry. This is the second time in 12 months this has happened. Our Head of Product also owned a formerly competing business, before joining forces with CarbonClick. This highlights the positive outcomes of this industry being focussed on collaboration and saving our planet rather than competing.”