Zuzu Hospitality: Southeast Asia’s Largest Revenue Platform for Independent Hotels

Apr 13, 2022 | Media Coverage

Original Source: tnbaura.vc

ZUZU Hospitality empowers independent hotels.

The 600,000 independent hotels in the world are the bedrock of the travel industry, and the source of its diversity, creativity and entrepreneurial zeal.

ZUZU ‘unchains’ these hotels, providing a powerful alternative to joining a hotel chain. They empower independent hoteliers to compete and thrive in a technology-driven world, by freeing them to focus on delivering delightful and differentiated travel experiences.

With a proprietary all-in-one hotel operating system underpinning their Revenue and Distribution Management services, ZUZU offers resource- and time-strapped hotels the technology and expertise of larger hotel chains with none of their associated costs and restrictions.

Independent hoteliers look after their guests, secure that ZUZU is maximising their hotel revenue – since their 2016 founding, ZUZU’s low-risk model has delivered an 8x return on investment for our hotel partners.

ZUZU is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.


Q&A with Dan Lynn, Co-Founder of ZUZU Hospitality

Share a few short sentences that illustrate ZUZU’s hustle:

Like much of the travel industry, Covid-19 hit our business hard.  Our biggest markets are Bali and Phuket which rely on international travel.  Despite these headwinds, we partnered with our hotels to bring them new solutions throughout the Covid pandemic, cutting their costs, enabling digitalisation, and building back stronger.  This enabled us to treble our margin, and double the number of customers we had on board.

What is ZUZU’s daily mantra:

ZUZU exists to empower the world’s independent hotelier.  We want independent hotels to thrive, so they can continue to present their unique and differentiated approaches to hospitality wherever they are in the world.  We want to deliver all the digital infrastructure and revenue science capability they need, so that they can focus on being exceptional hoteliers for their guests.

Which famous entrepreneur do you have the most chemistry with?

We wouldn’t point to just one, as each entrepreneur’s journey and business circumstance is so different. The relentlessness of Bezos is certainly inspiring, along with his approach of experimentation, then followed by systemic processes.  At the same time, individual articles, like Paul Graham’s ‘Default Alive or Default Dead’ have had a profound impact on helping us navigate the challenges of Covid-19.

Share an uncommon belief you have:

We believe that the transparency of the internet has meaningfully diminished the importance of a hotel “brand”.  When a guest is making a considered purchase like travel, they can now read reviews and see photos of the hotel before they travel.  So the illuminated signboard on the outside of the property is less important than it used to be.  The brand experience of the property is the lived experience of staying in the hotel, and that is captured in reviews and photos. This gives an independent hotelier a more than level playing field in which to flourish.

Describe your relationship with TNB Aura in less than 10 words:

Open and honest. Pushing each other to be the best.