With $14M, Aigens has the recipe for success

Dec 6, 2022 | Media Coverage

Original Source: backscoop.com

Say hi to 
Aigens. This Hong Kong-based startup just raised a $14M+ Series A led by Ant Group! They’ve got solutions to make running your restaurant and growing revenue oh-so-easy.

  • Founded in 2012, they process $1.5B in GMV and 140M orders annually.
  • They operate in 14 markets and serve over 500 brands and 4,000 restaurant outlets, including big names like Jollibee Group, Starbucks and Shake Shack.

Investor check. Velocity Ventures, Phillip Private Equity and Prizm Ventures also joined in!

😋 Restaurants will eat these solutions up

With ordering solutions, middleware, customer loyalty programs and integrations, what else could you ask for?

Ordering. Allow customers to order and pay through QR codes, on the web, their phones, at self-service kiosks or even while waiting in line!

  • They were the first to bring QR code-based ordering to Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Loyalty and Marketing. Automate the best customer loyalty programs that actually bring in more $$$ and help you get to know customers way better!

  • Offer reward points, tiered memberships, stamp cards, event-based gifts, referral gifts and more!

Integrations. Level everything up by connecting everything together, so everything can be seamless and way more efficient.

  • Connect with third-party logistics services, CRMs, e-wallets, food aggregators, payment gateways, POS systems and even your property management system!
  • They have over 100+ integrations, including some of the biggest names like Apple Pay, AliPay, GCash, Lalamove, foodpanda and Xendit.

🔢 Run the numbers!

  • Thanks to COVID, they grew from less than a thousand outlets to 4,000 outlets in just two years.
  • Big-time customers. Jollibee Group, Burger King, Starbucks, Shake Shack and Pizza Hut are powered by Aigens.

💰 What’s with the $$$?

Prep those resumes because they’ll be growing their local teams in their markets to better support their customers and improve customer experience.

  • If you’re in sales, product, operations or partnerships, you might be the one for them.

Oh, and they’ll be developing more products and expanding to new verticals like hospitality to take a bite out of opportunities in new markets!